Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello Families!

Hello Families of Ms. Gregor’s 3rd grade class!

            My name is Ms. Birmingham (or Ms. B for short), and I am excited to have the opportunity to start my Student Teaching in your student’s classroom!  I am completing my Masters in Teaching through Concordia University and I will be in the classroom everyday with Ms. Gregor until the end of the school year. 
            Over the next few weeks I will be observing and helping with reading and math groups.  At the end of April, I will be teaching a unit of 10 lessons on Portland bridges.  Through this Math and Social Studies unit, students will be introduced to the three main types of bridges, where these types of bridges are located in Portland, and the hard work that goes into building them.  At the end of the unit, we’re going to build some bridges ourselves! I’m looking forward to watching everyone explore!
            When I can find spare time, I enjoy spending time with my four-year-old daughter, my husband, our three chickens and our two new kittens!  We live in Linnton, which is about one mile northwest of the St. Johns Bridge on Hwy. 30. Forrest Park is basically our backyard, so we can often be found hiking and exploring close to home!

            I am truly looking forward to the upcoming weeks with Ms. Gregor and your students.  I will keep you updated on our bridge engineering skills!


Ms. B

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